Top Paralegal Certification Schools in Philadelphia

Paralegal Cert. Programs in Philadelphia

As defined by the American Bar Association, a paralegal is “any person who, through education, training, and/or work experience, is qualified to perform substantive legal work requiring knowledge of legal concepts”. Many persons spend their entire career as a paralegal or legal assistant, while others choose to continue on to law school after completion of paralegal training. Certified paralegals have the opportunity to work in many areas where legal assistance is needed – attorneys’ offices, government offices, and courthouses as examples. [qs_listing areaofinterest=”PARALEGAL-LEGAL-ASSISTANT” state=”PA” multidealer=”YES”]

Finding Accredited Paralegal Certification Schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

While there are several schools and colleges in the Philadelphia area that offer some courses and programs in paralegal training, there are only three that are accredited and specialize in this profession. Any of these three offer students the opportunity to earn a basic paralegal certificate or continue on to earn an Associate or Bachelor degree. All courses are taught by attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association. Tuitions are not out of reach for the average student desiring a paralegal degree.

Paralegal Certification Requirements in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Students must earn a total of 24 credits to be eligible to take the CLA/CP exam administered by the National Association of Legal Assistants. Twelve of the credits are earned in four required core courses, the remaining 12 credits will be earned in four courses of the students’ choosing in whichever area of law the student has the most interest. Training may take from seven to 18 months to complete.

Paralegal Salaries in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Certified Paralegal/Legal Assistants can expect to earn salaries in a general range of $34,500.00 to slightly over $51,000.00, depending on the degree earned and the chosen area of expertise.

Paralegal Jobs Outlook in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – In 2010, there were 14,500 certified paralegals in the state of Pennsylvania; 6,003 working in Philadelphia. While this profession has had a slower than usual growth rate, a 2% increase in the demand for certified paralegals is expected by 2018. Overall, in a city with a population nearing the two million mark, a trained and certified paralegal/legal assistant should have no problem finding a position.

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