Top Paralegal Certification Schools in Los Angeles

Find Accredited Paralegal Schools In Los Angeles

A paralegal serves as a lawyer’s right-hand man or woman. After going through an accredited training program and earning a degree, they work closely with attorneys. While they cannot give out legal advice to clients, they may meet with those clients and gather some information before passing the details of the case to the attorney. They also respond to clients via email, research cases in law libraries, file documents and even answer phones. Some paralegals also appear in court with lawyers. The American Bar Association is the organization responsible for accrediting programs across the country. Students living in Los Angeles should look for paralegal studies programs with ABA accreditation, which ensures that the school meets the minimum standards imposed by that organization. 

How To Get Certified In Los Angeles

Working as a paralegal in Los Angeles only requires that a worker graduate from an accredited program, but graduates have the option of taking a certificate examination. The Certified Legal Assistant exam, also known as the CLA exam, is an exam that asks 100 questions about legal terms, ethics and other legal topics. While taking the test isn’t mandatory, those who have their certificates can use the certificates in other states, including Louisiana and Texas. The majority of Los Angeles employers require that applicants have a certificate before applying. The only requirements for obtaining that certificate is the successful completion of an accredited paralegal studies program. Other cities in California and other states may require that applicants pass a background test as well.

Salaries For Certified Paralegal’s in Los Angeles

The median annual salary for certified paralegals working in Los Angeles is $53,495. The bottom 10 percent of paralegals earn a median annual salary of around $40,000, but the top 10 percent of all paralegals working in the city earn a median salary of more than $67,000 a year.

The need for paralegals in Los Angeles will remain low in the coming years, but those with a degree in the field can seek out other jobs. Jury consultants often have a legal background or a degree in paralegal studies, and they help lawyers select juries. Some law offices may also hire independent investigators with a paralegal degree to investigate and research cases. Other jobs for Los Angeles residents with a paralegal background include court clerks, corrections officers, parole officers and administrative assistants.

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