Everything you need to know about the law school at eastern illinois university

Everything You Need to Know About Eastern Illinois University’s Law

Eastern Illinois University doesn’t have a law school proper, but they do have a robust pre-law program that can give future attorneys and paralegals a leg up against their application competition.And considering the drop-out rates for 1st year law students is shockingly high – averaging near half – students need every advantage they can get.

Why Choose Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University is officially part of the Midwest Region of colleges of the United States, where it ranks #8 for all schools in the region.Considering there are 92 colleges officially in the entire region, that’s quite an accomplishment, and means you’ll be in one of the better schools in the nation.

A Brief History of Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University has been in operation since 1895, though it isn’t exactly the same as it was when it began.

Of course, that was just the establishment date. The school didn’t finish its first few building and start classes for four years, in 1899. In the beginning, Eastern Illinois University was only a two-year school, with the expressed mission of instructing teachers working in Illinois.

In fact, it’s first year had less than 20 faculty members and less than 150 students overall. It also had a different name – the Eastern Illinois Normal School, which doesn’t have the same snap as its modern-day

Luckily, from such humble seeds do mighty oaks grow.

If you’re a fan of classic Gothic architecture, Eastern Illinois University is a treat for the eyes. The original five buildings are even referred to as “castles” because of their turrets and general medieval styling.

Name changes would become something a tradition for the school – It has been alternately called the “Eastern Illinois State College,” and the “Eastern Illinois State Teachers College.

The Pre-Law Program at Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University has a robust pre-law program, specifically designed to help students not only get into law school, but to provide them with the tools and mindset to succeed.

Eastern Illinois University has a number of groups and programs that can aid any student on their future career path in law.

The Pre-Law Society

eastern illinois university - The Pre-Law Society

The EIU Pre-law Society

eastern illinois university - The EIU Pre-law Society

is a part of the Office of Student Life on campus and is all about providing opportunities to its pre-law students.
One of their more common activities is to take group trips to law schools, to give members a solid idea of just what their future has in store. During these visits, they’ve been known to check out classes, meet teachers, become familiar with campuses, and even meet law school alumni who were happy to share their experiences.
law schools to EIU, listening to guest speakers, faculty members, and attending QAs and even more social events designed to help students learn more in an informal setting. The Pre-Law Society also sets up LSAT practice tests called the “Mock LSAT” that can serve to prepare future test-takers for the intense rigors (and surprising physical endurance needs) of the most important test they’ll be taking.

The Pre-Law Society also takes trip to the MAPLA Law Caravan
which is an event that gathers a huge number of admission representatives and takes them to various campuses around the nation.

eastern illinois university - MAPLA Law Caravan

The Pre-Law Society also takes trip to the MAPLA Law Caravan
which is an event that gathers a huge number of admission representatives and takes them to various campuses around the nation. The Law Caravan puts students in touch, in person, with real admissions officers who can show them what admissions are looking for and the best way to not only impress them, but to separate from the pack.

Thinking About Join a Pre-Law Fraternity
Eastern Illinois University also has a branch of Phi Alpha Delta
a national co-ed fraternity devoted to helping pre-law students in all aspects of their education and future employment.
Like the Pre-Law Society, they’re all about field trips, hosting speakers, preparing students, and helping with education planning for a degree in law. Phi Alpha Delta members also tend to keep in touch after graduation and could serve as a solid pool of contacts for your future career.

The Importance of Moot Court Practice EIU’s Moot Court isn’t just a mock trial club – it’s actually a course that earns you credit in Political Science. It’s also not just a simulation of standard criminal litigation – it’s actually supposed to prepare the student for a Supreme Court trial. The whole Moot Court includes tournaments, where the students are often judged by real attorneys, professors, and actual judges on their performance.If you’re wondering if you should take Moot Court, keep in mind that many law schools require Moot Court on a transcript to even qualify for a JD. Plus, the practical skills you can gain from tense, harshly-evaluated actual court performance could stick with you for the rest of your life.
And if you ever do find yourself in an appellate case, you’ll at least have a solid framework for how it’s going to go.

What Happens in the Pre-Law Program?

The first year as an undergraduate is going to involve picking a major, joining any pre-law organizations you can find on campus (like the Phi Alpha Deltas and the Pre-Law Society), and in general trying to do as well as you can in your studies.
The second year is when you’re going to be consulting your pre-law advisor as frequently as you can, making sure you’re still on the path to law school and, more importantly, if that’s still the right path for you. And law classes you can take during this year are only going to improve your chances.

Third year is all about doing everything you can to prep for the LSAT test.
Fourth year is when you’ll be choosing law schools, taking the LSAT, registering for the LSCAS, and applying to every law school that fits your future lifestyle.
Notable Alumni of Eastern Illinois University

A number of famous people, both traditional celebrities, politicians, and simply those who’ve excelled at their field have graduated from Eastern Illinois University.
Marilyn Skoglund graduated from Eastern Illinois University, and then, without going to law school,became an attorney (and later a judge) just based off of her LSAT tests and the pre-law prep she received at Eastern Illinois University.

eastern illinois university - Brandon Phelps

Brandon Phelps

eastern illinois university - Dennis Reboletti

Dennis Reboletti

Brandon Phelps and Dennis Reboletti, two alumni, both serves in the House of Representatives in Illinois. Joe Knollenberg graduated from EIU and later went on to join Congress, serving from 1992 to 2009.

Jim Edgar

eastern illinois university - Dennis Reboletti

Jim Edgar would go from Eastern Illinois University to the Illinois House of Representatives, then to serve as Illinois Secretary of State, finally ending up in the Governor’s mansion of Illinois from 1991 to 1999.

Joan Allen

eastern illinois university- Joan Allen

Matthew Polenzani

eastern illinois university - Matthew Polenzani

Burl Ives

eastern illinois university - Burl Ives

Tim Bogar

eastern illinois university- TIM-BOGAR-FINALE

Kyle Hill

eastern illinois university - Kyle Hill

Tony Romo

eastern illinois university -TONY-ROMO-FINALE

Ted Petersen

eastern illinois university- TED-PETERSON-FINALE

John Craft

eastern illinois university - John Craft

Also, as a fun bit of trivia, a number of famous actors, comedians, and athletes have graduated from EIU as well. Actress Joan Allen, opera singer Matthew Polenzani, singer and famous snowman Burl Ives, baseball player Tim Bogar, basketball player Kyle Hill, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo, football player Ted Petersen, and John Craft the Olympic jumper, among dozens of others.

Where Does Eastern Illinois Fall in the College Rankings?

Eastern Illinois University
#8 for public schools, #30 in Best Colleges for Veterans, and #41 in Best Value schools for the entire United States.
Price of Admission to Eastern Illinois University
Obviously, tuition prices are known to change at every college on the drop of a dime, so take this numbers as merely an estimate based off average and the current prices at the time of this writing.For Illinois residents – or select areas that surround Illinois - a full time student at Eastern Illinois University is going to pay between $8,000 and $9,000 a year for tuition, with ancillary fees between $2,000 and $3,000.
Non-residents don’t benefit from the same discounts and can pay between $11,000 and $12,000 for full-time tuition, with commiserate fees.

Sports Programs Available to Students
If you happen to be interested in pre-law and you’re a sports fan, Eastern Illinois University could be exactly what you’re looking for.
The Panthers have snagged five NCAA championships, and have won dozens of conference

They’ve also produced a steady stream of professional athletes like Kevin Duckworth, Chris Szarka, Pierre Walters, Ray McElroy, Stan Royer, John Craft, and Dan Steel.
How to Get Admitted to EIU
Getting into Eastern Illinois University is not so different from applying to any other college. You can submit a standard application or an online application easily enough, with all of its requisite fees.

Make sure you get a few copies of your transcripts, which, if you’re applying for colleges, you should already have.
The Eastern Illinois University has a acceptance rate
with the most recent numbers, which isn’t too terrible considering the competition, and averages around 3.08 high school GPA for applicants.

Everything You Need to Know About Eastern Illinois University’s Law Program
If you’re considering a career in law, be it as a lawyer, legal assistant, or paralegal, Eastern Illinois University’s pre-law program is a great institution.
Not only does it host numerous organizations devoted to pre-law student success, but it has a history of exporting successful students out into the real world.
The connections made at EIU could last your entire life, and the skills and confidence could take any pre-law student far.
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