Top Paralegal Certification Schools in Chicago

Find Accredited Paralegal Schools In Chicago

A Paralegal career is both rewarding and prestigious. Paralegals work closely under the supervision of an attorney and have a wide range of responsibilities including diligent calendar management of court filing dates and appointments, legal research and preparing materials for court hearings and trials. Universities and American Bar Association, ABA approved programs in Chicago allow professionals to become certified Paralegals in order to advance their careers and legal skills and income-level. 

Paralegal programs often require undergraduate degrees. Exceptions can be made for professionals working with an attorney and who can demonstrate letters of recommendation and other enrollment credentials. Online programs are also available to students requiring added flexibility in working towards their certification. In the Chicago area, there are approximately 20 ABA, Paralegal certification programs to choose from including:
Loyola University Chicago
MacCormac College, Chicago; and
Northwestern College|Northwestern Business College, Chicago

How To Get Certified In Chicago

Paralegal certification is a one to two year endeavor pending previous college history. Classes for fulfilling Paralegal certificate requirements in Chicago include Intellectual Property, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Environmental and Labor Laws, Probate and General Legal Studies.

Salaries For Certified Paralegal’s in Chicago

Certified Paralegals in Chicago can expect a salary range of $27,000 to upwards of $50-60,000 depending on size of law firm, legal field employed in (for example medical malpractice versus family law) and length of career. The more experience, the larger the salary for Senior-level Paralegals. Entry level positions and part-time positions, while reasonable will be substantially lower as with any profession.

Jobs for graduates from Paralegal studies offers continuous growth and opportunity. Since legal professionals such as Paralegals are employed to respond to situations involving personal injury to managing complex legal situations like estate and probate law, these professionals will always be needed. Paralegal careers are as financially rewarding as they are secure. Considering certification in this field is an intelligent choice for individuals that are strong multi-taskers, love working with clients, and who can leave their job at the office at the end of the day. Paralegals are exposed to stress, but their ability to anticipate challenges, line-out details and meticulously organize what needs to get done is one of the most rewarding aspects of this career.

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